Jennifer Conley posts a preview demonstration of the new Mesh Tool which will be added as the latest addition to the RigBox Reborn Script Collection centered around rigging in Maya, and aiding common rigging tasks, the RigBox Reborn Suite of Rigging Tools for Maya started as a personal collection of tools for Jennifer, that she chose to share with the Maya community.

This video demonstrates the functionality of one of the tabs within my toolset; the MeshTool

Previous posts noted that Jennifer Conley has created RigBox Reborn as a longer term project, and is continually adding to the tools in RigBox as they become complete.

The RigBox Reborn Mesh Tool has tool for creating Proxies for your rigs in Maya, offering tools such as detach, separate, and nuke, which will delete history on the rig, center pivots, and freeze transforms all at once. The second component tot he Mesh Tool in RigBox Reborn is the weight painting tools, at-hand controls for binding, painting weights and components.

RigBox Reborn initially set out with RigBox Reborn General (which is one tab of the overall planned rigbox toolset), and RiBox Reborn Curves which is a handy place for commonly used rigging curve features such as creating control icons. Later, Rigbox grew with a Rigging Tool addition, providing options for commonly used windows, displaying elements, and creating rig components.


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