Sean Kothe offers a look into how he created his “Star Power” Ident, created with VentureThree in London. Sean shows how to use Cinema 4D for creating the required OBJ files needed for use with Plexus particle plugin in After Effects.

Learn how to create an insanely amazing 3D particle world using C4D and Plexus including particle trails

Sean covers how to use motion capture BVH files with Cinema 4D, creating low poly geometry for the joints, and exporting an OBJ sequence that will then later be used in After Effects.

Interestingly, there is also an area of the animation that will use thinking particles and geometry that also takes export as an OBJ sequence for the After Effects / Plexus components.

From there, Sean show how to link the OBJ sequence to Plexus and adds the triangulation low poly look. In all, this is a fantastic look into the inner workings of a top-notch animation. Check out the tutorial over at