Experimenting With the Plexus Effect With X-Particles

Equiloud Works With X-Particles Replicators to Create a Plexus Effect in C4D.

Uwe Schweer-Lambers walks through working with X-Particles in Cinema 4D to recreate the Plexus effect. A subject in making branches and seemingly random connections with particles in 3D. Lambers recreates the effect achieved in other tutorials, both SideFX Houdini and C4D alike, with X-Particles replicators.

It seems since the rise of the Plexus plugin in After Effects many have sought to bring that look into 3D quite successfully. When talking about Cinema 4D, there are a variety of methods for creating that interconnected look.

More Techniques for Creating the Plexus Effect in C4D

Insydium’s Mike Batchelor gives a rundown for how the plexus look works using X-Particles features.

Entagma’s Manuel Cassola Merkle demonstrates a lower-level recreation of the style in Cinema 4D using python and off the shelf C4D tools.

Tuts+’s Keven Snyder creates the same style only using Dominik Ruckli’s Python driven Ray-Connector plugin, as does the Pixel Lab’s Joren Kandel.