First Look at the X-Particles 3 FLIP Solver

Insydium has been running an open beta for the latest version of X-Particles, X-Particles 3. The latest release of the beta shows a new FLIP (fluid impact) Solver.

Here is the first look at the X-Particles 3 FLIP solver.

The FLIP Solver in X-Particles  centers around a new object called the xpDomain, allowing you to create fluid effects, fire, smoke, and vicious liquids.

Here, Mike shows off creating a few effects using the new FLIP Solver, including liquids and fire in Cinema 4D.

X-Particles 3 will feature the accurate variational FLIP Solver, a new Elektrix object for lightning or electrical effects, a new Branching modifier for branched structures, and a host of other modifiers allowing you to achieve other effects easily. For the complete rundown of what is in store for the March 16, 2015 release for X-Particles 3, visit the X-Particles Open Beta page.