LipSyncr 2 Introduces an English Speech Analysis Engine

Joachim Holler releases a new version of his automatic lip-syncing script for After Effects. LipSyncr 2 now includes a brand new speech analysis engine.

Automatic high quality viseme–based mouth animations. In a matter of seconds.

The full featured speech analysis engine means that you don’t have to leave After Effects to create real viseme-based animations.

LipSyncr 2 offers an automated solution to creating real viseme–based animations that are based on the audio track you are working with. It can do this in a relatively short time – approximately 20 seconds of work.

LipSyncr 2 for after effects

LipSyncr 2 Features:

  • Full-featured English speech analysis
  • Combine any number of audio files and mouth composition
  • Three different viseme mappings: 4 illustrations (low quality), 7 illustrations (medium quality), 10 illustrations (high quality)
  • Template viseme images including illustration guides

LipSyncr 2 is available through

If you purchased v1 after March 15, 2015 the upgrade is FREE, otherwise the upgrade is 50% off. Make sure you login with the same email address that was used for the original purchase.