Maya PlayblastVR panoramic image renderer

Andrew Hazelden launches a new renderer for Autodesk Maya. PlayblastVR allows you to create hardware rendered panoramic images using OpenGL or DirectX.

The PlayblastVR renderer allows you to create immersive previz renderings of Maya scenes in fulldome, latlong, and cubic panorama formats.

The PlayblastVR renderer comes in handy for creating immersive previz renderings of Maya scenes in either fulldome, latlong, or cubic panorama formats.

The renderer can easily render previews of a multitude of Maya objects and object types. This includes animated polygons, NURBS geometry, lights, fluid effects volumes, FumeFX volumes, paint effects strokes, sprites, particles, nParticles, nHair and fur, cloth sims, procedural generated shading networks, etc…

The new PlayblastVR renderer supports output to Google PhotoSphere spherical panoramas and even YouTube’s 360° Movies including automatic metadata embedding.





You can send a completed render automatically to a pano-viewing application or a video playback tool like DJV Viewer or Adobe SpeedGrade, and a host of others.

Hardware based panoramic renderings make better use of the artist’s time. Using PlayblastVR frees up your designated render nodes that use a software based production renderer to output your animation test renderings into a panoramic format.

PlayblastVR Panoramic Formats Include:

  • Angular Fisheye
  • Angular Fisheye With 4:3 Ratio Background
  • Angular Fisheye with 16:9 Ratio Background
  • Equirectangular / LatLong / Spherical
  • Cube Map 3×2
  • Cylindrical
  • Quadsphere (Starglobe)
  • Perspective
  • Vertical Cross Cube
  • Horizontal Cross Cube
  • Vertical Tee Cube
  • Horizontal Tee Cube
  • Vertical Strip Cube
  • Horizontal Strip Cube
  • Mental Ray Horizontal Strip Cube1


 The PlayblastVR for Maya renderer is available starting at $99.95 USD. For more information visit

To learn more about the many features available in PlayblastVR be sure to check out the online documentation.

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