Fuchs & Vogel have been previewing an advanced copy VRAYforC4D which will incorporate V-Ray 3’s Core features. Over the last little while they have shown Dynamic Bucket Splitting in C4D, and Faster Hair and instances rendering With Embree in VRAYforC4D.

new V-Ray 3 core has a new Antialiasing-mode called Progressive Image Sampler.

Another slated feature that will be coming next Version of VRAYforC4D is V-Ray 3’s new Antialiasing-mode called the Progressive Image Sampler which will allow you to use a progressive rendering preview for your scenes.

When you enable the Progressive Image Sampler mode, VRAYforC4D will use V-Ray 3 new progressive rendering engine. From the Fuchs & Vogel’s preview it seems pretty easy to control.

V-Ray 3 new progressive rendering engine in C4D is meant to offer a fast render feedback of the scene, even with complex features such as volumetric effects, depth of field and motion blur.

Check out the post for Progressive Rendering with VRAYforC4D here.