If you are just getting started using Houdini, this tutorial on creating a Spiro Toy Asset is a great way to dive in and build some generative art.

This Generative Art tutorial introduces the concepts of wrangle nodes, particles and how to create an object level Houdini Digital Asset.

Houdini is great at procedural workflows and here Ari Danesh offers a beginners look into how you can take advantage of the procedural capabilities of Houdini.

Ari walks through how to create generative art in Houdini by using an Attribute Wrangle appended to the particle expressions needed. Ari shows how to create an object level Houdini Digital Asset out of the particles. The end goal is to recreate the effect of a Spirograph toy many of us played with as children.




  • 00:00 | Introduction to project
  • 02:00 | External references and math equations
  • 05:10 | Set up the project folder
  • 06:30 | Create the procedural animation
  • 19:05 | Create the particle system
  • 27:20 | Create lines and webbing
  • 34:20 | Add color using ramps and particle life
  • 41:32 | Make an object level Digital Asset


You can download the scene files in addition to a follow-along PDF for the Generative Art tutorial. Be sure to visit SideFX for the resources for Creating Generative Art in Houdini.