MaxDepth Launches a New Particle Advection Course

Timothy Hanson Covers Particle Advection in a New Course that Uses Houdini Pyro.

Looking for some proper training that covers particle advection workflows? You should check out MaxDepth’s new premium training covering Particle Advection using Pyro in Houdini. If you are not familiar, Advection is the transfer of heat or matter by the flow of a fluid. In this case, the advection is the transfer of a fluid simulation to drive particles.

Hanson starts with the basics for working with Houdini Pyro that covers topics such as dissipation, disturbance, shredding, and grid resolution and gas turbulence.

The training goes on to cover best practices for setting up the POP network, as well as how to use the Pyro sim to advect the particles, and how to use POP forces to art direct the simulation. Finally, you will learn about lighting, shading, and rendering of particles to get that silky smooth polished look that everyone seeks.

Particle Advection using Pyro in Houdini is $49.99.