The Render Blog has posted some great tutorials as well as a pretty great CG Generalist course. Now, a new training title, Advanced Shading Techniques offers a project based approach to working with procedural and photo-based texturing in Autodesk Maya.

cover a range of subjects including procedural shading, projection mapping, python scripting, look development and more.

Advanced Shading Techniques offers nearly 4 hours of content covering a wide range of topics, where you can find most all briefly covered in the intro video.

The course covers procedural shading techniques, projection mapping, python scripting, look development and much more.

The course content is presented with a project driven approach, working with two different projects that explore both the procedural and photo based texturing techniques.

There is also a bonus section full of tips that didn’t get covered in the projects.


Advanced Shading Techniques Course covers: Procedural Shading, Texture Projection And Uv Mapping, Texture Painting Mari/Photoshop, Python Scripting In Maya And Mari, Bonus Section



Advanced Shading Techniques Course Availability and Pricing

Advanced Shading Techniques course’s content runs 3h41m and is delivered through a series of 720p videos. Advanced Shading Techniques costs 49$, and can be purchased through The Render Blog. Check out Advanced Shading Techniques here.