The Render Blog posts another excerpt from their Advanced Shading Techniques Course, which offers a project based approach to working with procedural and photo-based texturing in Autodesk Maya.

create several procedural textures to recreate some real world shading effects, such as rust and painted metal.


With this look at creating procedural shading effects using Arnold in Maya, João shows how to create several procedural textures that attempt to recreate real world effects such as rust and painted metal.

The tutorial covers using the alShaders noise library for Arnold along side some native Maya nodes, such as the blendColors, samplerInfo, and remap nodes.

Advanced Shading Techniques Course covers Procedural Shading, Texture Projection And Uv Mapping, Texture Painting Mari/Photoshop, Python Scripting In Maya And Mari, Bonus Section, all totaling over 3h of instructional content.