If you use 3D Coat you already know about how it inherently has some great workflows. If you have not used 3D Coat before, but you use a 3D App — You need to know that 3D Coat’s UV tools are super simple, and super powerful.

the UV tools one may need to create perfectly straight edgeloops horizontally or vertically, as well as making them equidistant.

It literally takes nothing to get in there and UV a model, even if you are not familiar with 3D Coat. You could be UV’ing a model in minutes.

What if you wanted to straighten out some of the edges and edge loops on a model’s UV’s though? Certainly things like UV’ing a winding rope would benefit from creating UV’s before shaping it in the scene. What if you needed to UV something in an odd shape, but wanted to straighten out the UV’s afterwards.

Here, the 3D Coat team show how easy it is to create UV’s on a winding piece of rope, and still get perfectly straight edge loops while making them equidistant. It can be noted that you might often find that the default GU (Globally Uniform) Unfolding algorithm in 3D Coat to be the best method to use.