Layer Stalker Can Easily Track Layer Positions in Nested Comps

Worry no longer about setting ridiculous expressions, parenting, time remapping and transformations. With Layer Stalker, you can easily track any spacial attribute and use it to position any layer. In the same After Effects composition, or even in any nested composition within it.

So easy, even a FUI artist can use it

If you ever needed a 2D style “call out” to follow a target that was nested inside a 3D layer, you will know what a travesty this is without a specialized tool such as Layer Stalker.

As another example, Layer Stalker creator Scott Higgs asks “What about a 3D face layer stuck to the head that’s moving around in a nested 2D puppet comp (I know – sounds weird, but trust me, it can happen)? Don’t sweat it, Layer Stalker’s got you covered.”

If you do any type of FUI, map style animations, Layer Stalker will be the After Effects tool that you must have. If you purchase Layer Stalker now, you can pick it up for $12.49, instead of the regular $24.99 price tag. Check out Layer Stalker for After Effect over at aescripts + aeplugins.