Try Out Zync Cloud Rendering Services on Google Cloud

Google has relaunched Zync, the cloud rendering technology on their Google Cloud Platform. As part of the beta for Zync, you can get $300 in free render credits and try Zync out.

Zync is now officially launched in beta, supporting Maya 2014-2015, Arnold Renderer, V-Ray versions 2 and 3, and Nuke 7 and up – with RenderMan support will be available later in the year.

Zync gives you a series of plugins that you can use right within Maya or Nuke that will take care of uploading assets, rendering and sending the files back. For al intents and purposes, Zync feels like you are using local machines to render.

I you were familiar with Zync before they were acquired by Google, not much has changed in functionality, other than the pricing has gotten much better.

If you haven’t tried tried Zync on Google Cloud, what are you waiting for?