Mograph Plus shows how you can render C4D’s Mograph Field Colors using Arnold.

One of the more significant new features in Cinema 4D is Fields. They allow you a unified premise to control all kinds of things using a widget in the viewport. While they are incredibly useful in a lot of workflows, you may need a trick or two to use them with some third-party renderers, such as Arnold. In his latest tutorial, Mograph Plus shows how you can render Field colors with Arnold.

MographPlus has a course called the Ultimate Introduction to Arnold 5 for Cinema 4D is currently only $15 for over 10 hours of video tutorials, helping you get up to speed with Solid Angle’s production renderer.

Arnold and C4D Filed Colors.

You may have already encountered that Arnold will not read the Field colors by default. To get this to work, you need to employ a node called user data RGB within the shader network. The node can read existing attributes in your scene, both custom and native, so it’s a perfect fit for this case. 

About Mograph Plus.

Mograph+ and Kamel Khezri cover working with a lot of render engines, from Corona to Arnold, to V-Ray.