If you are fairly new to modeling with Maya, building something like a hand can look a little intimidating. The hand is a complex interesting shape. If you have ever been to a drawing class, you will know that you can break it down into simpler shapes, such as boxes.

Using just box modeling and simple polygon tools in Maya 2016.

Doing just that, Alex Cheparev shares his super simple workflow for easily modeling a hand in Maya, starting with, you guessed it, a box. Alex walks through using Maya 2016’s polygon modeling tools for modeling a hand.

The tools and techniques are super-simple, so the important parts are how to get the polygon flow, and edges to flow correctly in the hand. This will not only allow you to create the details, but also provide a base for everything else down the line, including deformation animation, when the time comes.

Alex creates great tutorials showing how to model interesting topics using Maya. If you haven’t already subscribed to his channel, what are you waiting¬†for exactly?