Creating a Great-Looking Cloth Shader in V-Ray for Maya

One of the things that can make or break an indoor render image is how real and natural the fabric looks whitening the context of the scene. It is difficult to get right. I have seen a number of approaches that attempt to recreate the subtleties that make up real-life fabric.

how to create some realistic soft cloth shaders inside Maya using V-Ray

Depending on the rendering engine you use, creating a good cloth shader might vary for you. Here, CG Artist Oasim Karmieh, takes us through couple of ways to create a great looking shader when using V-Ray in Maya. Of course if you are using V-Ray anywhere, the process will be fairly similar for you.

Oasim first creates a simple shader and then moves on to making a pretty standard cloth shader that will give you great results. Lastly, Oasim shows how to create a great cloth shader that has more of a velvet type of feel to it, visually. There are some things in the tutorial that can be done regardless of the render engine or application.