VRscans Offers a Service for Scanning Physically Accurate Materials

VRscans The Chaos Group

The Chaos Group is hoping to set a new standard in material creation and visualization with a newly launched  VRscans service.

VRscans introduces a new level of accuracy for visualizing real-world materials in computer graphics.

The Chaos Group has developed a new material scanning technology and has rolled it out as a new service and plugin. You can now get an exact digital replica of a physical material and render it in V-Ray without building a texture or changing a setting.


If you ship the materials that you want converted and scanned to VRscans, they will analyze, scan and deliver accurate ready-to-render materials.

The new service will give you final materials that offer a much better representation than that of standard BRDF approximations. That includes the legacy estimation shaders such as Blinn, GGX and Ward.


The scanned materials BTF (bidirectional texture functions) to capture a material’s surface, texture data, and unique response to light, instead of using BRDF.

Using the plugin, you will be able to load the materials into any V-Ray renderer.

Hopefully, there will be an opportunity to expand the service to a point where they can have licensed access to a vast library of materials. This would make it easier for smaller shops and freelancers who might not be able to ship real world materials to the service.

Visit VRscans for more information on the new Physically accurate scanned materials service.