DUIK Connector Will Drive Any Animation With Any Value in After Effects

After Effects will get driven keys in the next release of DUIK, but you can try the DUIK Connector tool now.

drive any animation with any value in After Effects with Duik Connector

DUIK Connector will let you easily drive any animation with any attribute value in After Effects. This can be used for all types of things in After Effects.

Think of the animation rigging possibilities to be had by introducing driven animation.

I have sung the praises of Nicolas Dufresne and his DUIK animation tools for After Effects, many times.


While more and more developers are trying filling in much needed gaps in After Effects to make quick cash, DUIK remains free and open for all. It is quite remarkable.

To try out Connector, Download Script Here and copy it to the “ScriptUI Panels” folder of After Effects, or visit the DUIK lab here.