Maya May9 Receives New Interactive Booleans

Maya May9 is a community driven collection of settings and tools that can radically change the way that you work in Autodesk Maya. The depth of the toolset and what Davide Alidosi put together, is rather astounding. Add to that the fact that Maya May9 is freeware, and it gets even more astounding.

May9 is a custom Maya 2016 configuration, created to make Maya more easy to learn, fast and capable.

Recently Davide Alidosi has pushed an update to May9 that adds the ability to create and interact with booleans in Maya in a unique and more intuitive way.

May9 adds boolean tools that will ghost-wireframe the boolean operation objects, allowing you to easily see which objects are affecting the scene. Having the objects still displayed in the scene also makes it easy to keyframe the boolean into an animation.

Watch the introduction video, and download the Maya May9 toolset to get started.