Use C4D’s Hierarchy Node to Automatically Include Objects for Iteration

Shane Benson posts a look at using C4D’s Hierarchy node to automate iteration a bit easier.

A little while ago, Shane Benson posted a look at using the Iteration node in cinema 4d as a tool that can make the job of creating iterations in your scene much more efficient using Xpresso.

how to use the hierarchy node to automatically include objects for iteration, vs manually adding them.

The Iteration Node in Xpresso lets you connect lots of objects together in a much more efficient way, rather than adding many cubes manually to the Xpresso environment, you can create connections between all your objects, by using a single iteration node.

Extending this premise a bit further, Shane shows how you can use Cinema 4D’s Hierarchy Node to automate the inclusion of objects into the network, rather than manually adding them. This Xpresso rig will automatically add or remove objects to the iteration list, without you having to go in and manually do it yourself.