Creating Hair From Polygon Strips With Ornatrix for Maya

Ephere Founder and CEO, Marsel Khadiyev shows off Ornatrix’s ability to generate hair along polygon strips in Maya. You can create the shape and style of the hair for a character using Maya’s modeling tools to create polygon strips.

Ornatrix brings a very powerful feature: ability to generate hair along polygon meshes.

Ornatrix will allow you to generate hair along the polygon strips, making benefit from the procedural power of Ornatrix hair grooming. The hair from strips feature offers a high degree of customization in the way that the hair is generated. It is a non-destructive approach which allows you to go back and make modifications to the original strips, and see the hair will update in real time.

Ornatrix is a complete hair, fur, and feather solution for 3DS and is currently in a beta testing phase for Autodesk Maya.