Arnold Details How to Create a Photorealistic Portrait, Using Arnold

Too meta for a tutorial? Not sure, but it does make me laugh, every time. Daniel Hennies posts a novel look at the process for creating a photorealistic portrait using Solid Angle’s Arnold rendering engine from within Cinema 4D.

Finally,a full tutorial on Arnold rendering a photorealistic portrait in Cinema 4D with C4DtoA.

If you are not familiar with Daniel Hennies’ work, not only has he done some pretty amazing photorealistic portraits in the past, but also was a key influencer for bringing Arnold and Krakatoa to C4D.

Daniel uses the data shared by the WikiHuman project, “Emily” to show skin shading workflows in Arnold, making use of the AlShader Pack by Anders Langlands. The additional assets used in this course are available to download here:

The WikiHuman project is an initiative by the “Digital Human League” which was formed for both an artistic and scientific advancement in sharing the knowledge for creating digital human characters.