Cinema 4D is really an artist-friendly work environment, but as a slight downside, users may not know some of the more nuanced concepts in a 3D workflow. It can be said that a portion of C4D users to not even know how to successfully unwrap an object for texturing. Add to that the fact that Cinema 4D’s UV tools might be slightly behind the times, for this day and age. You do have other options though. 3D Coat is pretty great, fairly inexpensive, and super easy to learn, as another tool for creating UVs. Another Tool might be a stand-alone UV tool such as Unfold3D.

why Samuel Winter have left Cinema 4D’s UV tools behind and have made the awesome Unfold3D part of his workflow.

Showing how easy and effective, Digital Meat’s Samuel Winter shows off his workflow for UV unwrapping 3D objects from Cinema 4D, using Polygonal Design’s Unfold3D. If you are an Autodesk Maya user, this might all seem all-to-familiar, as the Unfold3D algorithm was incorporated as part of Maya’s unfold since Maya 2015.

This does show that there are a few options out there for using a more modern, specialized UV tool, be it 3dc, or Unfold3D, or Heads UV Layout… it might be worth it to shop around to see what works best for you.