Free C4D Preset Builds Spirals With Great Topology

Being able to model with helixes or spirals in 3D can be useful in all kinds of situations. The thing is, that they are cumbersome to create and manage, and at times they can be challenging to work into the object that you are building. If you are creating any type of screw, shell, staircase, etc. you can now get a head start.

procedurally model spirals with a good topology

Spiralomat procedurally builds a spiral, that has good topology, using the C4D native tools of generators, deformers and a bit of Xpresso to bring it all together. In the end you will have a spiral with plenty of controls for how it is arranged.

The Spiralomat preset is free, and can be found on Daniel Mozbäuchel’s site. Check out the page for the free Cinema 4D Spirals Preset.