Setting UV’s for an object is important. Perhaps from more reasons than just surface, textures and look development. UV’s can be useful for a multitude of other reasons too. Whatever their purpose, you need to be skilled in in the dark arts of unwrap, to make even the most rudimentary UV’s.

learn how to unwrap any object in Cinema 4D…

There is a growing consensus that Cinema 4D’s UV toolset is aging and lacking. That may be true, but that doesn’t render them any less effective. To that point, Brandon Clements posts a look into creating UVs in Cinema 4D for any object. Brandon shares tips and tricks that not only can get you going with unwrapping, but the confidence to unwrap any object you might encounter in C4D — no matter the complexity of that object.

Keep in mind there are plenty of third party tools that will offer a more robust UV toolset. These can range from plugins, to complete stand alone applications.

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