How to Prepare Your C4D Model for Unwrapping in 3D-Coat

John Dickinson (MotionWorks) offers a look at how to get your C4D models ready for unwrapping in 3D-Coat.

This isn’t the first tutorial John has made for UV unwrapping in 3DC. Check out his tutorial that goes more in depth with the actual UV process within 3d coat, here.

I have mentioned many times that 3DC makes UV mapping and unwrapping a breeze. Unwrapping complex models for UV’s and texturing in 3DC is super-easy to learn and takes little time. There is still some presswork that needs to be done before bringing your model into 3d-coat. If you are modeling in Cinema 4D, Dickinson covers everything you need to know to get that model ready for the rest of its journey.

John covers how to prepare the model for export to FBX format, taking into account converting symmetry and some other house-keeping things with the scene. The tutorial then goes on to cover the unwrap process in 3D Coat, re-importing into Cinema 4D, subdividing, and importing into Substance Painter.