How to Best UV Unwrap Curved Shapes in C4D

Athanasios Pozantzis Shows How to Handle a UV Unwrap for Curved Parts in Models Using Cinema 4D.

UV Unwrapping 3D objects can be straightforward when you think of the process as a projecting to get pieces and then stitching those pieces together in a way that gets the least amount of distortion for the texture. What happens when you are working with some straight-defined parts as well as some curved parts, like in a smartphone design? Stitching becomes a little more complicated to the point where even an Unfold will not be sufficient. So how exactly are you supposed to UV unwrap those objects?

Athanasios Pozantzis‘ latest tutorial shows how to approach working with curved shapes in Cinema 4D’s UV editor. Pozantzis walks through the process, covers some tips and best practices for getting a good unwrap. Curved shapes do need special treatment, and this tutorial goes through all the steps so you can quickly follow along.

Unwrapping curved shapes is something that Pozantzis has covered before with his look at another challenging UV task, working with tapered cylinders.