Peter Quinn launches Mo•Bits, Pre-Animated Assets for Ae

It’s a good idea for Motion Designers to streamline workflows to speed up production time… You know… to make more money. One way is to have a library of pre-animated assets around that you can bust out and use at any time. This can be anything from animated maps, lower thirds, or even standard motion elements that you can incorporate into designs.

PQ Mo•Bits is a big fat library of all the obvious, everyday icons that a motion designer needs to keep handy.

Peter Quinn describes it perfectly,  “I’ve been an art director & motion designer for a little over a decade, working in busy agencies, often tasked with producing mograph videos in incredibly short timeframes, so I’ve always looked for ways to speed things up. One of the most effective ways to stay fast, is to prep for the busy times, so I got into the habit of leaving care package of assets, scripts, and pre-animated content to get a head-start whenever things get crazy.”



That’s the idea behind PQ Mo•Bits.

Mo•Bits offers pre-animated assets that are easy to customize. You can use them as a quick-start base in your own work, or use them as-is. The panel allows you to browse the elements and drag them into your project. The elements have controllers that you can use to tweak the look of the elements.

Mo•Bits gives you over 150 editable icons for After Effects which you can find for 25% OFF until Jun 22, 2016 at aescripts + aeplugins.