With the release of Maya 2017 came some new workflow improvements in animation, which include a newly revamped Graph Editor and a new Time Editor. Here, animation product manager for Maya Warren Trezevant and technical marketing manager Daryl Obert walk through the Time Editor and the Graph Editor in Maya 2017. The Time Editor in Maya is set to replace the aging Trax, and from this short demonstration, it’s pretty amazing already.

a big picture overview of what has become an all-new experience for animators

The new animation editor in 2017 is similar to Trax in Maya, but there are things that make it much much better. For one, it is a free-flow experience. You don’t have to create character sets from all your assets first. You can simply drag and drop assets into the Time Editor from the new Content Browser.

The Time Editor in Maya 2017 is well thought out, allowing you to see at a glance, clips, keyframes and groups of what is going on in your scene. Adjusting animation with overrides is simple and intuitive. Also shown is the new Graph Editor in Maya, which looks to be another amazing redesign. The graph editor is now GPU accelerated, and has a ton of minor changes, like having all the tangents free by default.