Replicating the Plexus Effect with X-Particles

A little while ago, Entagma’s Manuel Cassola Merkle showed how you could create a plexus effect in Cinema 4D using off-the-shelf tools, along with a bit of Python coding. This of course, was after doing something similar within Side FX Houdini, using VEX.

how to replicate the effect using Cinema4D and X-Particles

If you are not a python person, but still wish to recreate that plexus effect in C4D, you have a couple of options in third party tools. One of them is undeniably Insydium’s X-Particles. The particle plugin can easily handle recreating the effect. In fact, some of you might find this easier than any other method.

As I have mentioned before, there are other tools kicking around that will allow you to create a similar type of effect. One of them is the old C4D stand-by Ray-Connector Plugin. The UberTracer plugin can also handle recreating a similar effect, with a bit of work.