How to Restrict Voronoi Fracture in MoGraph

Cinema 4D R18 added a new nondestructive method for fracturing objects, with Voronoi Fracture. The new fracture object lets you systematically shatter any object procedurally. You can also control the distribution of the shattered parts with virtually anything.

Voronoi Fracture is just another MoGraph object. This means that it can work seamlessly with dynamics, effectors and falloffs. You can also control which Mograph Clones will get the fracture effect, and how much of it.

This is what Jonas Pilz shows in this Maxon quick tip. You can restrict fracturing within mograph setups in two ways. The first way is just to create a mograph selection, and then asking it to the fracture object.

The second way offers more control through mograph weighting. The weight tag can then be assigned to the voronoi fracture object. This way, you can control which clones get higher fragment counts.