How Nidia Dias Made Her “Face Exploration” Series With C4D

Art Director Nidia Dias Dives Into How She Created One of Her “Face Exploration” Images

Nidia Dias is a Freelance Art Director and Designer from Portugal. If you haven’t seen any of her work, you should check it out, notably her Face Exploration series.
The series started as a set of style frame experiments. Dias walks through how she created one of those style-frames, using Cinema 4D to create abstract shapes that are all based on a model of head and face.

Dias shares some tips for working with Voronoi and how to shape the patterns that they create. Although C4D has a Voronoi fracture tool, Dias chose to use the DualGraph Cinema 4D plugin from Entagma. The dual graph will change a classic Delaunay triangle mesh to a cell-like structure. It can connect midpoints from the original Voronoi triangles and attach them to form new nGons.

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