How to Pre-Fracture Geometry for Sims in C4D

Darkins Digital shows how to pre-fracture geometry for rigid simulations in Cinema 4D.

Breaking things apart and blowing things up with a simulation in 3D is a lot of fun. If you want objects to break apart using rigid dynamics suddenly, you will need to pre-fracture those objects in preparation. With Cinema 4D the Voronoi fracture tool is perfect for this, yet there is still a bit of process involved. Check out this short tutorial from Darkins Digital that covers the steps.

The tutorial shows how to pre-fracture geometry using C4D bundled tools. Pre-fracturing is when a model is first broken into pieces, in this case, using Voronoi Fracture in Cinema 4D. There are also some excellent third-party tools that can help with the process, like Nitro 4D’s Thrausi, a popular free to use fracture plugin that also uses the classic Voronoi patterns.