Using 3D-Coat Voxel Tools for Easy Vehicle Design

3D-Coat can be a great app for hard surface modeling. With only know a few tools, you are able to get in there and create some really complex stuff, really easily. This is largely due to 3DC’s Voxel tools. It makes it really simple to carve and add to create the forms you need. It’s also a great way to experiment with different forms.

Watch Freelance Illustrator Ian Thompson’s 3-part walkthrough of how you can use 3D-Coat’s Voxel tools to create basic vehicle design. This type of hard surface work may look a little more difficult as concept vehicles are usually a mix of hard surface forms, with large sweeping curves.

3D-Coat’s Caged Primitive really can help out in this area. By manipulating the cage rather than components of the object, you are able to get nice clean forms easily.