Easy Silhouette Design With 3D-Coat

Hard Surface Modeler Anton Tenitsky Offers Tips and Tricks for Working With 3D-Coat and Flat Shading Mode for Easy Silhouette Design

3D Artist and hard surface modeler, Anton Tenitsky is mentor at the CG Spectrum College of Digital Art & Animation, who also regularly posts some nice tips and tricks around the modeling process. Here, Tenitsky talks about using 3D-Coat’s flat shading mode as a method for working silhouette design in concept art.

Creating a simple silhouette is a great way to work out the details of a design. It is much easier to see how visually strong a design is when it is silhouetted as one mass. 3D-Coat offers a quick way to create silhouette design through it’s easy to use voxel sculpting toolset and its flat-shading mode.

Anton also covers some tips and tricks to help make your silhouette experience much better in 3dc.