How to Sculpt a Stylized Head in Zbrush

Danny Mac is a character artist residing in the UK. If you check out some of his work on ArtStation, you can see that he has the skills, and is all about the stylized characters. So it is fitting that his latest tutorial is about creating a stylized head in Zbrush.

In what seems to be a world full of time-lapse sculpts, a narrated, follow-along tutorial is a welcome change. Danny covers a lot of tips of the course of this four part series.

The tutorial for the stylized head has some bonus content that you can pick up for a couple of bucks. The package comes with a reference sheet of the head from part one. It gives you 9 different angles of the head. You also get the model as a zTool for Zbrush, and an OBJ file that you can use in any other 3D app. Check all that out here.