How To Set Up a Shadow Catcher with RedShift

RedShift is a GPU rendering engine. It is also production renderer. This means that Redshift has the tools and shaders that you need to work within a pipeline. Regarless of if you creating render passes, AOV’s, or custom passes, RedShift has your back.

how to set up a shadow catcher and some considerations you should make when lighting your scene

RedShift has a unique shader for catching shadows, too. The rsMatteShadow shader is set just for that purpose. Although it seems straight forward, there are a couple of little things to understand about the process.

Explaining some of these considerations, is Small Robot Studio, who walks through how to create a shadow catcher with RedShift. The tutorial covers how you can create a backplate for your render, using the Dome Light.

The tutorial also offers an overview into some soft the settings you need, as well as how to make sure your image stays in perspective.