New Tool Helps Create Isometric Art in After Effects

As luck would have it, just recently I attempted to align graphics and create animation on designated angles in After Effects. Much to my dismay, there was no clear or even viable way of doing so. In Illustrator, you have the ability to change the constrain axes to any number you want. This make it easy to create all new artwork at arbitrary angles, like the Isometric 30/60. There is no such thing in After Effects. So what if you wanted to create Isometric art in Ae?

[pullqoute]Finally, isometric graphics made easy within After Effects[/pullqoute]

IsoMatic FX

Thanks to Matthieu Fremeaux, threes now a new tool that lets you “fake” an isometric style on any 2D layer or create real 3D iso angles. Isomatic FX offers a little panel within Ae that lets you set a 2D or 3D mode and apply it to elements with a single click.

Snap to Iso

You can easily use Isomatic FX’s buttons to make left, right, and top isometry styles to any layer. You can even make a custom isometric grid as a guide layer. The tool lets you control the color, thickness of the iso-grid and also lets you increase or decrease the grid size and subdivisions in the effects panel.

3D Isometric

The 3D mode easily work with 3D layers in After Effects, using a real 3D camera that can mimic an iso camera. The 3D mode works with native and popular 3D plugins in After Effects letting take the perspective out of real 3D objects in your scene.

Where to Get it

IsoMatic FX can be found at aescripts + aeplugins. Introductory pricing is 33% ($19.99) off, and that runs until March 7 2017. Regular price will be set for 29.99 after that. Visit the IsoMatic FX page to learn more.