Adjust Your VR Paintings Colors in Maya With This UberShader

VR has opened up some interesting avenues for 3D Artists. The VR revolution has seen artists drawing, sculpting and creating artwork in the round with goggles strapped on. I am always amazed at the work being created in the field. Just have a look at some of the drawings that Liz Edwards produces in VR, as well as Joe Daniels work below.


San Francisco bay area Animator and Filmmaker, Joe Daniels is VR tinkerer, who has also created a tool that will allow you to adjust and tweak the color for your VR paintings in Maya. It is a color correcting ubershader for vertex colors in Maya.

Joe mentions “I created this for tweaking colors on VR paintings, such as those from Quill, Tilt Brush, and AnimVR, but any object with vertex color will work, and all the settings are Animatable and Non-Destructive.” The package comes with a Vertex Color UberShader for Maya 2015 or later, and a video tutorial that shows off some tips and tricks.

It is important to note that the shader is designed to work in Maya’s Viewport 2 and can only be rendered in the Hardware 2.0 renderer. The color adjustments are for preview purposes only, and will not export out of Maya, apart from rendering the scene, which should be fine for most people.

Have a look at Joe Daniels’ Vertex Color UberShader for more information.