New Hide & Seek Plugin for C4D offers Pro Scene Management

The Pixel Lab working with Motion Designer AJ Haines announced a new plugin that can offer a professional level of scene management tools for Cinema 4D — Hide & Seek.

The plugin was designed so that you can find anything in your scene, instantly. You can easily search for object groups like cloners, effectors, spines and the like. With Hide & Seek you can search for item types, like “all lights that are visible” or “all texture tags” in a specific hierarchy.

“Hide & Seek brings a whole new workflow to Cinema 4D to keep you organized and sane when hunting down items!” AJ says. The plugin offers a lot of ways that you can track down objects and save out your selections.

With Hide & Seek you can:

  • Quickly find anything in your scene
  • Search large groups of objects or specific items
  • Greatly speed up your workflow on any project
  • Isolate only the objects you’re working with
  • Create object selection groups to come back to at any time
  • Never dig through the object manager again!

The plugin can be purchased through The Pixel Lab for $19.00 and is compatible with Cinema 4D R16+.