How To use Arnold Procedurals in a MASH Network

Chris Hardcastle Walks Through How You Can use Arnold Procedurals Within a MASH Network in Maya, and It’s not That Hard

When you find yourself working with a lot of high polygon objects in a scene, it might be relevant to use low polygon representations in your scene. The low versions can be used as stand-ins that can be swapped out at render time with the higher resolution mesh with any renderer. With Solid Angle Arnold, you can use Arnold Procedurals.

Mainframe’s Chris Hardcastle offers a quick tip that shows how you can use Arnold Procedurals within a MASH network, keeping your viewport snappy. Chris demonstrates the technique using 1000 objects, replacing them with 400,000 polygon objects, for a staggering 400 million polygons being rendered amazingly fast with Arnold. It’s important to note that this only works via the Instancer. It’s not something that is supported when using the Repro in MASH.

Chris mentions that using Arnold Procedurals can be a great way to manage MASH dynamics too: “Also a very efficient way to take some load off your workstation when working with MASH Dynamics” Thanking Solid Angle’s Stephen Blair for the tip.