How to Use Houdini Noise Nodes Instead of Redshift Ones

Use Redshift in Houdini But Still Prefer Houdini Noise Nodes? Tim van Helsdingen Shows How you Can Use the Best of Both

There is no doubt that Redshift is a rendering powerhouse. As a full-on production ready GPU renderer, the company is making waves with 3D artists and VFX shops alike. If you are a Houdini artist, you might find that Redshift lacks the noise nodes that Side FX Houdini has natively. If you think that Houdini has spoiled you for Noise, there is a small change in Redshift that you should know about. Now you can use Houdini Noise Nodes with the Redshift renderer.

Freelance Houdini FC Artist Tim van Helsdingen, shows how you can use all your favorite Houdini noise nodes inside of Redshift. It’s just a matter of wiring the output of the noise. You can do this by telling Houdini to use data from a node, rather than a file, by using “op:”. Adding OP in a file path, tells Houdini to get live data from a node in the scene, rather than a file.