Resize Anything Precisely With New Uniform ReSizer C4D

Valkaari Releases a New Uniform Resizer Tool for C4D That Lets You Resize Objects Using Precise Numbers and Not by a Scale Factor

Manuel Magalhaes (known as Valkaari) is a prolific tools create for Cinema 4D. He has created some significant plugins for C4D pro’s that includes a delta mush deformer, a port of Houdini’s Ocean Toolkit to C4D, Py-Timer and more. Recently Magalhaes has added a new C4D tool to the list.

Uniform ReSizer C4D Lets you enter an exact size for any object in C4D, rather than using a scaled value. Not too long ago, Lars Scholten (CyBear) posted a look at his clever trick for resizing objects numerically. Now it is even more simple with Uniform ReSizer C4D.

Cinema 4D can’t resize objects uniformly to an exact number. If you wanted an object to be 50 cm, you would need to work out the difference between the current size and the size that you want. Kind of a hassle, especially if you are doing work that require exact numbers to scale.

With Uniform ReSizer C4D, you can just enter the wise that you want your object to be. The tool will then calculate and update your objects for you.

Uniform Resizer C4D is set as a “Name your own price” download, here.