A Clever Method to Easily Scale Objects Proportionally in C4D

Lars Scholten Shows How You Can Size a Polygon Object Proportionally Without Having to do Math all the Time

The topic of scaling objects doesn’t sound like it would impart a lot of information that you don’t already know. It also sounds pretty boring compared to some tutorials. In this case, however, both those statements are not true.

When you get right down to it, typing a numeric value for an editable object in Cinema 4D while trying to keep it proportional can be a real hassle —“Hassle” might be a bit hyperbolic, but it definitely will require a bit of maths.

That is, unless you use CyBear’s (Lars Scholten) clever technique, demonstrated in his latest Friday Q & A presentation. Armed with a real world example of scaling a car to the proper size, Lars shows that with a bit of ingenuity, what was once a hassle can be rather simple. Neat!