Free After Effects Rig Script Uses Beam for Foreshortening

Marvin Te Offers a Free Rigging Script for After Effects That Uses the Beam Effect for Easy Foreshortening of Limbs

Character rigging and animation in After Effects is mixed bag. There are complete tools such as DUIK, and more simpler presets like RubberHose and probably a lot more in between those two. One Motion Design studio took a different approach with a rigging script that can also account for foreshortening of the character’s limbs by using the beam effect.

The script uses the Beam Effect in After Effects. “We have created a script to rig characters using the beam effect in after effects. This results to a rig that is flexible for poses that uses foreshortening on the arms or legs.” Says Marvin Te, Creative Director for Plainly Simple. “Rigging tools in after effects like DUIK and rubberhose are great but when your character animations would have lots of foreshortening these IK systems would break.”

When it comes to rigging characters, every tool has some drawbacks. “Our script is not perfect and each IK system has their own pros and cons and this script would add to your arsenal as a motion designer.” Te mentions.

If you want to add another rigging tool to your workflow, the Beam Rig is free to download and use. Visit Plainly Simple for more information.