Easily Sort Fragments Based on an Object’s Rotation in C4D

Jonas Pilz Shows How to Sort Fragments From C4D’s Voronoi Tool Based on the Rotation of an Object in The Scene

When creating a specific effect in Cinema 4D, you may find the need to sort the fragments given by the Voronoi Fracture Object. Although the tool allows you to add an arbitrary vector for sorting fragments since release 19, there is no one setting to base the sorting on the transformation attributes of another object.

Let’s say you wanted to sort fragments based on the rotation of another object in the scene. You can set this up by using a little Xpresso. It is pretty easy too —All you need to do is take the Global Matrix output of your object, convert that into vector information using a Matrix2Vectors node. You can then take the output overt to the Voronoi Fracture’s direction. Neat!