How to Get Better Control Over Animated Noise Speed in C4D

Equiloud Exposes Issues & Offers Workarounds When Working With Animated Noise in Cinema 4D

Uwe Schweer-Lambers offers a simple workaround for creating various speed animated noise in Cinema 4D by using the Fusion Shader. That will allow you to work with a couple of layers of noise and blend them.

Animated Noise in 3D just plain looks cool. In Cinema 4D the process for creating animated noise is a simple one. All you have to do is set an animation speed for it. However, if you have ever tried to add a variable rate for the noise, things don’t seem to work as expected. Setting keyframed to change the speed of the noise, makes it playback strange.

“I’m not sure if this is the best solution, If you have any ideas, please share them with the rest of the world,” Schweer-Lambers says. It might not be a definitive solution, but it does indeed work, and it’s simple to implement.