Check Out These Hand Animated Toon-FX Elements for Maya

Brent Forrest’s Toon-FX Assets for Maya are Hand Made Animated 2D Elements for Your 3D Scenes

Animator Brent Forrest releases a couple of toon-FX elements that can add cartoon smoke puffs and impact effects to 3D scenes. The assets have controls to dial up or lower the resolution, controls for playback, color, and transparency. Think of them as Adobe Flash assets for animation, but for Maya.

What stands out as impressive, is that Brent has hand drawn the toon assets entirely in Maya. The first two mark the first in a line of many that Brent plans on creating. The toon-FX elements use NURBS curves to generate a mesh as a planar 3d object. It is in this way that you can change the resolution for the animated effect.

From the demonstration videos, they both look and work great. Check out the ToonPuff and ToonSmack 2D FX Assets for Maya for more information.