Check Out These Amazing Cartoon Explosion Assets for Maya

Brent Forrest offers a sneak-peek into two cartoon explosion assets coming for Autodesk Maya.

A few months ago, Technical Director Brent Forrest showed off what the team at Marza used to create 3D effects in 3D while keeping the 2D cartoon look. The technique used a system that used Flash-generated (Adobe Animate) content and brought it into Maya, automatically making the elements 3D.

A couple of new videos from Forrest show off a unique asset that seems to be forthcoming, using the same 2D look in 3D.

2D Cartoon Explosions in 3D Space.

The two vids show off two different explosion assets and how they work within Maya. Forrest has a few convenient assets out there already. You might remember his Ultimate Sparkle rigRope Rig, and a simpler Toon FX Elements for Maya

Forrest shows off how to work with his new assets covering some of the features. The two new explosion assets look pretty incredible. Have a look and stay tuned for release information.

About Brent Forrest.

Forrest is currently a Technical Director at Marza Animation Planet Inc. His credits include The Peak, Sonic The HedgeHog, and Like and Follow.